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Who am I?


I am a nurse with 35 years of experience. I started my nursing career in the United States Army Nurse Corps. I have worked in a small community hospital to a multispecialty critical care unit in a tertiary referral center. I have experience in the care of burn patients, cardiac/cardiac surgery, trauma, neurology/neurosurgical, orthopedic, pulmonary, burn, and general medical patients that were critically ill. I have been a bedside nurse, manager, nurse educator and practiced as a Clinical Nurse Specialist / mid-level practitioner.

I am board certified as an acute stroke coordinator (ASC-BC), dually certified as an adult-gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist (ACCNS-AG and AGCNS-BC), and certified as a legal nurse consultant (CLNC®).


What does this mean to you?

This allows me to provide you insight about the inner workings of the acute care environment.

  • As a bedside nurse, I know patient care.  I have practiced in multiple settings and specialties providing a broad expanse of knowledge.  I have documented in multiple electronic medical records and am able to navigate to find the evidence necessary to show compliance with and deviations from the standard of care.

  • As a manager, I have the ability to look at the big picture and provide insight into factors that may have affected your case that is not in the medical record.

  • As a nursing educator, for both bedside nurses and nursing students, I have a deep understanding of how competence is achieved, evaluated and maintained.  I have the skills to teach to a room full of people and one-on-one.  My students say I have the ability to bring complex ideas down to a level they can understand and apply.

  • As a Clinical Nurse Specialist, I have years of experience looking at medical records to improve patient outcomes.  I research the literature to identify evidence based practices, develop policy & procedure and create education for nurses.  I have also practiced as a mid-level provider so have an understanding of medical practice from the inside.  I have also established and led multiple councils and committees including nursing peer review, Joint Commission and CMS core measure committees - restraints, sepsis, code blue - and a host of additional duties as assigned.

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