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Certified Leagal Nurse Consultant Services

  • Screen cases for merit
  • Define applicable medical and/or nursing standards of care
  • Identify and point out adherence to and deviations from established standards of care
  • Assess the alleged damages and/or injury
  • Identify factors that caused or contributed to the patient outcome
  • Organize the medical record for ease of use
  • Develop a chronologic timeline of the case
  • Decipher, analyze, summarize and interpret the medical record
  • Identify potential defendants
  • Research and interpret authoritative literature as it relates to a particular case
  • Identify and review pertinent policies and procedures and relate them to your particular case
  • Assist with interrogatories and depositions
  • Identify types of testifying experts necessary for your case
  • Locate and interact with testifying experts
  • Assist in preparing witnesses and testifying experts for deposition or trial
  • Assist with demonstrative evidence necessary to educate the jury
  • Develop written reports based on needs of the case and attorney
  • Evaluate reports by witnesses and testifying experts for consistency
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